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  1. oh girl. im right there with ya. my 5 week old…i thought i could beat the sytesm, right? he’s been waking up at 1230 or 1am for a feeding every night for the past 2 weeks. so i figured id just stay up til then and then get my sleep since he would stay sleeping again til 530 or 6am. oh no. my little stinker decided that he would wake at 1230 as normal. then again at 230then again at 330then again at 430seriously?! finally my hubby came to save me and let me get a bit of rest. oh i do not miss these first few months. i have a 20 month old and it was hard, but now he is bigger. now im back to square one. ugh – praying for us both, girl! love your blog, by the way!!

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