1 Octombrie – ultima zi de concurs TEDxBucharest

Vă scriu din nou despre TEDxBucharest, evenimentul de pe 16 Octombrie, de la Centrul Național al Dansului. Știu că mai multă lume s-a arătat interesată de participare.Vă reamintesc că mai sunt 4 zile până la închiderea concursului de idei ”Extraordinary Ideas” – prin care 20 dintre participanți vor fi invitați la TEDxBucharest.

Așa că puneți mâna pe o tastatură și așezați-vă confortabili la un calculator. Luați cea mai tare idee pe care o aveți în minte de ceva vreme și i-ați dat o formă și o claritate, care o face aplicabilă în viitor, și scrieți-ne.

Pentru prezentarea cât mai clară a ideii puteți să fiți cât vreți de creativi aici:

  • un clip pus pe Youtube cu prezentarea ideii
  • slideshare.net pentru prezentări PowerPoint sau PDF
  • flickr/picasa pentru imagini, grafice, etc.
  • transfer.ro pentru fisiere foarte mari

Când ne trimiteți materiale în format nestandard, spune-ți-ne și cu ce le putem deschide: ex: Autocad, 3DMax, Silverlight, etc.

Dacă nu aveți inspirație, vă las să citiți povestea lui Nelvin Joseph, invitat la TEDxBucharest. El va veni direct din India, special pentru TEDx si are o poveste extraordinară de spus. Carmen Oprea, managerul conferinței TEDx din București, l-a întâlnit și ne povestește despre el:

I first discovered Nelvin one night while I was googling. I was searching for remarkable people around the world, I needed inspiration and information. This is how I found the first article about Nelvin, a young successful entrepreneur in India. Incredible it might seem, Nelvin Joseph had decided to have his own company way back in his second grade, after watching the Schwarzenegger-starrer Terminator. He wanted to make those man-machines himself.

Now, Artin Dynamics, the company he founded is easily among the first in India to work exclusively in the Artificial Intelligence domain and in merging hi-tech with clean tech. Artin Dynamics is acknowledged by PC Quest in May 2008, as India’s first AI based Company. It was all impressive to me, mostly because Nelvin was 23 when he launched his first product, SPARA, which helps reduce the power bill of enterprises by addressing an everyday issue – automatically switching off electronic devices such as computers that are not in use. Fantastic story, I thought at that time and looked for the details behind. I found out that his long-kept nickname Ninja was awarded to him keeping in mind his capability to assess and create a efficient strategy be it in algorithms, or in real life. Him being awarded a diploma level certification in C language at the tender age of 8 is a proof of his interest in learning computers. It’s no wonder that his elders gifted him a book on Quantum Physics for his 6th Birthday!!!

Nelvin is a winner of the IEEE Best Engineer as well as tons of other events like the Brains@War etc. His interest in the domain of Artificial Intelligence had brought and guided him to start India’s first company to work exclusively in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. His ‘Ninja-Instincts’ were the sole reason for the company to be listed among India’s top 20 companies to watch out for in 2009. It was also the only company which was listed as having the highest growth prospects during recession! The cherry on the cake again being him nominated as the Youngest CEO inside Technopark.

Nelvin’s secret to his optimistic approach is his simple philosophy “All that happens, happens for the good”. I was fascinated and wrote down his name as a person I once have to meet in this world. The chance came sooner than I expected. When starting to organize TEDxBucharest, Nelvin was one of the first persons I had in mind. I contacted him and sent him an invitation, kindly inviting him to Bucharest. His answer was fast, warm and most importantly affirmative. It’s been two months now since I’ve been in contact with Nelvin, discovering an amazing person. I invite you all to discover Nelvin Joseph at TEDxBucharest 2009, October the 16th

Vă așteptăm ideile până pe 1 Octombrie inclusiv.

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