Cum recunoști un creativ: 7 calități

creativityAssociative orientation: Imaginative, playful, have a wealth of ideas, ability to be committed, sliding transitions between fact and fiction.

Need for originality: Resists rules and conventions. Have a rebellious attitude because of a need to do things no one else does.

Motivation: Have a need to perform, goal oriented, innovative attitude, stamina to tackle difficult issues.

Ambition: Have a need to be influential, attract attention and recognition.

Flexibility: Have the ability to see different aspects of issues and come up with optimal solutions.

Low emotional stability: Have a tendency to experience negative emotions, greater fluctuations in moods and emotional state, failing self-confidence.

Low sociability: Have a tendency not to be very considerate, are obstinate and find faults and flaws in ideas and people.

Checked them all.

Mă gândesc la utilitatea caracteristicilor ăstea în recrutare sau în identificarea potențialului unei relații de business în domeniul creativ.  Mă bucur când găsesc oameni de genul ăsta, cu mențiunea că au nevoie, de cele mai multe ori, de o ancoră realistă/rațională (fie în interior, în ei, fie în exterior, cineva din jurul lor).

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